Monday, January 26, 2009

Red Hot Lovers

The Ann Arbor Chronicle, a new-ish web paper competing with the Ann Arbor News on the local news beat, provides this story about the strangely closed Red Hot Lovers. I tried to have lunch there with one reader of this blog not long ago and was wondering about the closure. Now I know more, but not all that I would like to know.

For non-A2 readers, RHL is a hot dog place just across from the School of Education and not far from my office. It has amazing cheese fries - second only to a place I used to go to in Chicago - and great dogs as well.

I hope it returns. There is some hope - this mysterious disappareance by restaurants thing seems to be an A2 habit and the last one - Charlie's on South University - did eventually come back. But Charlie's is no RHL.