Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hearts, minds and ... other bits

Apparently the US is using free gifts of Viagra to powerful figures in Afghanistan as a way to lure them onto our side.

The link is here and it is not work friendly due to the ads that surround the blog post but I could not find another more work friendly discussion that I liked as well (or that had as many clever puns).

It always struck me during the end of the cold war that we were wrong to be in such fear of communism. The fact is, communism is not any fun and no one likes it much, other than the party bosses, once they have experienced it. I think the same is true of radical Islam, which is one reason that I am more optimistic about the future of Iran than about the future of some other middle eastern countries as the Iranians have experienced a heavy dose of it and so have a keen sense, by this point, of what they do not want. I think the way we can help these things along is by exporting the fun bits of our culture, whether it be sports, jazz, or viagra.