Monday, March 16, 2020

Book: The Genuine Article by Edmund Morgan

Morgan, Edmund. 2004. The Genuine Article: A Historian Looks at Early America. W.W. Norton and Company.

This is a collection of book reviews by a noted American (in both senses) historian. The book reviews, as is standard in the New York Review of Books where they appeared, do more than just narrowly remark on a particular book; instead, they provide brief introductions to particular literatures in the course of putting the book or books at hand into context. I enjoyed it throughout.

But shouldn't it be "An Historian"?

Recommended if you are into such things.

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don said...

"A" versus "An" is based on the first sound, not the first letter, of the following word. If the first letter is a voiced h (e.g., historian, home) you use an "a". If the first letter is an unvoiced h (e.g., hour, herb) then you use an "an". A perfectly good title could be "An Hour with A Historian".

econjeff said...

Learn something new every day.