Saturday, October 28, 2017

Buy my house

My beautiful house in Ann Arbor is now officially on the market, complete with new carpet, new interior paint job and new deck. Within the past couple of years, it has also gotten a new roof and a complete remodel of the master suite.

Here is the listing on the website of our realtor, Nancy Bishop who, as it turns out, sold us the house back in 2005. We were only the third set of owners.

There were a few years when I was growing up when I thought I would pursue a career in architecture. Even after I abandoned that idea, mainly because I did not think I would be a good enough architect to get to do really fun work, I retained an interest in it and a love of it. For me, living in this house was like living in art. I will miss it.

You can learn more about the architect, David Osler, here. Osler was the son-in-law of Emil Lorch, the first dean of architecture at Michigan. Lorch Hall, the current home of the Michigan economics department, was the original architecture building and is named after Mr. Lorch. We hired David Osler's daughter, Molly Osler, to help us with the remodel of the master suite and with the design of the home we will build next year in Wisconsin. Her website is here.

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