Thursday, August 20, 2015

Really good advice for graduate students

From David Weil at Brown via marginal revolution.

I would second in particular the notion of constantly subjecting activities to a "researcher cost-benefit test". Time is the scarce resource. Also, the way to learn how to write is to write, get feedback, and write again.

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Paolo Abarcar said...

Fine advice. The advice on not being a perfectionist is valuable, as I tend to be that way (and as I suspect many other graduate students whose experience has most likely been to succeed academically at a high rate in the past). It doesn't quite turn out that way in research, as I've discovered. Nobody comes in then suddenly writes a Nobel Prize winning paper (with exceptions, of course). The best approach in getting things done is to do, then fail, then do again. In other words, a marginal approach.

Mostly, I'm giving a pep talk to myself, as I write this...