Monday, August 25, 2014

The neighborhood lawsuit

The lawsuit described in this astounding Ann Arbor Observer article took place over access to a path in my neighborhood.

Wow. All those lawyer fees could have made for some block party. Or maybe some big notation to a more deserving group?

Full disclosure: we don't know any of the parties to the suit very well, but know the folks who shut down the trail better.


Sasha said...

I can't decide whether I love this more because it's so Ann Arbor or because there are TWO sociologists cited!

Vivienne said...

This was interesting to me because I have installed fences in both places I've lived in Ann Arbor and thereby disrupted cut-throughs that neighborhood children used. I didn't care for people walking right past my kitchen window or into my garden as I was working there. I think you'll find that many neighborhoods where there were blended back yards are now compartmentalized with fences. It's the way we live.