Saturday, April 5, 2014

Assorted links

1. Jerusalem Gardens moving into Seva space. Yum.

2. Mocking Rob Ford at the Atlantic.

3. Urban ruins: Rochester subway (and be sure to click through to the old promotional video). They should make lemonade from lemons and do something like the Underground Tour in Seattle.

4. Remodeling Morgan and York. More yum.

5. Hanna Rosin on affairs.

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Steve said...

I'm worried about a drop in quality. My fattoush salad always feels distinctly handmade. The current location is clearly absurdly undersized (though this has its charms), but the move will bring something like a 400% increase in floorspace.

This begs the question: if we appropriately account for quality, perhaps returns to scale are, more often than we think, decreasing.