Monday, December 30, 2013

On the upcoming Winter Classic in the Big House

A helpful writer at explains how to interact with the visiting Canadians.

I will add two additional suggestions:

First, if they say "sorry" (which they will pronounce "sore-ee") ask them what they are sorry for. This will startle them, because they most likely are not actually sorry (and, in general, will not have done anything to be sorry about), and are just saying it as a sort of verbal tic.

Second, if you can find a way to work this in, ask them if they know who the first president of the United States is. Odds are they will. After they have correctly answered that question, ask them the name of the first prime minister of Canada. Odds are, they will either have no idea or will incorrectly answer "Wilfred Laurier", who was the seventh prime minister of Canada. The first prime minister of Canada was the heavy drinking Sir John A. MacDonald. Great fun for everyone.

Hat tip on the first suggestion to a Canadian friend.

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