Sunday, November 24, 2013

Assorted links

1. Just keep repeating "there is no substitution of capital for labor" .... and just keep pushing to raise the minimum wage rather than getting serious about the low end of the skill distribution.

2. Some advice on how not to get arrested.

3. The man behind the 20-pound carp who ran for city council in Ann Arbor.

4. How to pay someone to take your classes for you.

5. Really, just keep repeating "... no substitution of capital for labor ... no substitution of capital for labor ..." When this point has made it to the Atlantic, well ...

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seventeen said...

Hi EconJeff, I have a question about the Nancy Reagan Smoke a Dope Day at the University of Chicago. I'm researching it for a school project and need some information on the event from people who actually attended regarding the administration. Can you help me out? You can contact me at