Friday, December 23, 2011

Doonesbury on final exams (and foreign policy)

The comic is here. The last panel is priceless.

I would argue, though, that US entry into WW1 was a bigger disaster than the (never actually declared) war in Iraq, as it indirectly led to both the rise of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Hat tip: Charlie Brown


Jason Kerwin said...

I recently decided to look into the trope about recent wars not being officially declared by Congress (which in fact has not formally declared war since December of 1941). As it turns out we never officially declared war on the Confederacy either, which in my view severely undermines the value of this point in an argument.

BMeis said...

I think we should wait a few more years before we draw conclusions about what US entry in Iraq led to. The US entered WW1 16 years before Hitler became chancellor, and fewer than 9 years have elapsed since the US entered Iraq.