Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nebraska 56, Washington 21

Having spotted Syracuse 10 points last week, Washington began this game by spotting Nebraska 14. Bad idea. In the end, Washington was never really close in this game, and got thrashed at home 56-21.

Neither the defense nor the offense played very well. Jake Locker had the worst game in memory, just 4-20 with 2 interceptions. The defense gave up three plays longer than 50 yards.

Just an awful day.

What to make of it all?

1) Nebraska is *really* good. Like national championship good.

2) I think the Heisman campaign that the athletic department ran for Locker messed with his mind. Ex post, not a good idea. In any case, it is over now and Jake can get back to focusing on getting the team to a bowl game.

3) Unlike Michigan, Washington played poorly on both sides of the ball. The defense really seemed to miss linebacker Cort Dennison, who was out with a minor injury.

4) Perhaps the only bright spot on the day was the special teams. In particular, while there were still some coverage issues, the new punter played really well. He seemed more confident and got off some fine kicks.

5) Why does UW put together these awful schedules? I suspect that the UW and Michigan teams are about equally good this year. Yet Michigan is 3-0 and headed for another "easy" non-conference game while UW is 1-2 and headed to USC (after a bye). The folks who write the schedule are not helping the rebuilding effort.

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Scott said...

I believe that's still the Barbara Hedges effect. I remember her raising eyebrows by appearing to focus exclusively on short term revenue goals is setting up schedules. Thus, the Huskies ended up scheduling 3 tough, TV friendly non-conference games, instead of the customary one cream-puff, one moderately challenging, and one tough game.