Saturday, September 18, 2010

Assorted links

1. An excellent football blooper, from Canada.

2. Accolades for Michigan's undergraduate program, in particular economics, from a Wall Street Journal article that ranks schools based on feedback from recruiters at big firms.

3. Cunha and Heckman on nature and nurture.

4. On page 3, you can find that great and wonderful rarity: tax poetry.

5. David Brooks compares the German and US responses to the recession. To be sure, N =2, but it remains an interesting comparison and Brooks does not overstate what can be learned.

Hat tip on #4 to Joel Slemrod; #5 via MR.


Jason Kerwin said...

Michigan's undergraduate econ program certainly deserves accolades - I've been very impressed with the undergrads here, and based on conversations with my fellow graduate students the fact that UM emphasizes calculus at the intermediate undergrad level sets it apart. But I'm pretty skeptical of any ranking that has Penn State at #1 and Harvard nowhere in the top 25. There appears to be some sort of crazy size effect going on here.

BMMillsy said...

A big wow on #2. For anyone looking to apply to college, maybe they should take a look at this list for a lesson in measuring academic success. I suspect this is a very good metric for 'getting a job after college'. Yet, I'm sure plenty would ignore it simply because MIT sits 2 spots below Rutgers overall.

I always find these lists interesting. I'm curious how the recruiters actually 'ranked' them. Are Michiganders *nicer* or more *productive* in the workplace? Maybe they like them because they ask for less money?