Monday, January 3, 2011

New Ann Arbor blogs

I just added two new Ann Arbor blogs to the blogroll.

One is "Local Ann Arbor" which seems to be serious but useful while the other is called "Damn Arbor" which, as the name suggests, adopts a somewhat lighter tone.

I poked around a bit on Damn Arbor. I liked this post on shooting a gun for the first time, and this review of Frita Batidos.

This post on bars that don't suck is useful too. I 'll second the recommendation for Ashley's in terms of selection and grad student ambiance (though no roaches, unlike Jimmy's, the bar we hung out at every Wednesday when I was in graduate school at the U of Chicago) but they are wrong about ABC. Great beer, to be sure, but mediocre food. If you want beer and food, Grizzly Peak dominates.

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Ben Connor Barrie said...

Thanks for linking to Damn Arbor Jeff. I lived in Hyde Park for a couple of years and really miss the atmosphere at Jimmy's.