Saturday, January 8, 2011

Denver thoughts

I am in Denver for the ASSA meetings. Some observations:

1. The downtown suffers from the lack of older buildings. Some impressive ones remain, and there are a couple of distinctive newer buildings, but lots of generic blandness.

2. Yazoo BBQ is awesome - in my lifetime top 10.

3. The local alternative weekly, called Westword, has an astounding volume of ads related to "medical" marijuana, including ads from doctors who will write you a prescription, shops that will fulfill your prescription, and suppliers of materials to grow your own. The pot-related ads far outnumber the usual escorts, chat lines and massage parlors. Some names I found entertaining: "way to grow", "budding health", "420 wellness", "herbal remedies", "nature's cure", "the health joint", "mile high green cross", "thc: the herbal center", "tender healing care" and "garden of the gods". So many puns, so little time.

4. Bistro Vendome was pretty good too, and with excellent service.

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