Saturday, January 15, 2011

Medical marijuana in the real world

This is perfect: legalization but only after you pay and do a bit of research to find out what conditions qualify, how to mimic them, and what doctors just want to help out!

I don't very often vote for candidates or ballot proposals that win elections. I'm glad I took the time to vote for medical marijuana.

Now we just wait around until people get used to it enough that the "medical" qualifier can be removed, criminal records of non-violent marijuana sellers can be expunged and so on.


Jason Kerwin said...

I definitely get a good feeling out of voting for measures that I strongly agree with (against proposition 8, for example), but was the election actually close enough that your vote might have mattered?

Ben Connor Barrie said...

Do you worry that opponents of medical marijuana will cite stories like this as reasons the policy should be ended?

gipfel said...

Here is another view on the issue from another economist