Sunday, January 2, 2011

Assorted links

1. Every word counts.

2. Ron Jeremy moves into rum, but where are the Nina Hartley wine coolers?

3. Readers can't get enough of Smith and Todd (2005).

4. Will Wilkinson on libertarians and national defense.

5. An old Steve Chapman column on why we should perhaps be grateful to Ron Jeremy et al. I'm not the world's biggest fan of the sort of state-level panel studies that Chapman described, but in this case the sign of the time trend suffices to debunk the theory. If porn caused violence, it would have gone up, a lot, in the last 30 years. It hasn't.

Hat tip on #2 to Cheap Talk and on #4 to MR.


Jason Kerwin said...

I'm sort of surprised at the low total download counts for all of the papers on SSRN. What gives?

econjeff said...

I think most folks have access to the published version and so download that instead.