Friday, July 8, 2011

Performance art: Tom Tom Crew

We saw the Australian musical circus Tom Tom Crew last night at the Power Center. The show is part of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. We chose the show as something we thought our four-year-old daughter might like - she did - and so I had almost zero information going in. Ex post, I would say that it is one of most original bits of entertainment I have seen in a while.

I found the "beatboxer" the most impressive; not only does he have a skill set I don't have, he has a skill set I had never, before last night, even though of having! The wikipedia page on beatboxing describes such developments as SBN, or standard beatbox notation! liked Tom Tom Crew, and last nights audience gave them an enthusiastic standing ovation - something that is pretty hard to come by in Ann Arbor.

Highly recommended - there is another show tonight, mate.

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