Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finding people from the past

There was a fellow in my entering class at Chicago called Derek Scissors who left the program after a year to get a doctorate in political science at Stanford. Perhaps because his name is easy to remember, it has stuck with me all these years and I have always wondered where he ended up.

The other day while surfing around I saw a mention of a Derek Scissors and decided to track him down. It turns out he is now at the Heritage Foundation in their Asian Studies Center. The Heritage folks should get Derek to sit down for another picture and make him smile for it.

Now ... all I have to do is figure out whatever happened to Claire Marie Hintz, who also started the Chicago doctoral program with me but never finished.


Mike Gibbs said...

Jeff, did I TA your Becker 301 class? I remember Derek, so am wondering if I TA'ed you both first year.

Mike Gibbs
p.s. Go visit Zingermans for me.

econjeff said...


My recollection is that my TA for Becker's class in the 85-86 academic year was Jacob Klerman, who was at Rand for a long time and is now at Abt in DC.

And don't worry - I am often to Zingerman's!

Michael Ward said...

I wonder about past classmates too and so I googled Claire. At least until 2000, she was at the Tax Foundation . She might still be there yet.