Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Economist on DSK

As (almost) always, an insightful and balanced update from the Economist.

This paragraph sums things up well:
Sympathy for DSK has, however, to be set against distaste at the wider revelations about his way of life. Polls suggest that women and older voters have the biggest reservations. Many French voters who find ostentatious wealth obnoxious have been taken aback to see DSK flaunt his fabulous riches. They also know that the collapse of the case does not prove there was no sexual encounter. Mr Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers have stated only that there was “no element of forcible compulsion”. This week the maid sued the New York Post for reporting that she was a prostitute. Whatever the nature of the encounter, one French left-wing editor, Laurent Joffrin, puts it well: “you do not take such risks when one seeks the highest office”.
Politics, wealth, fame and a media frenzy are a potent mix indeed.

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