Monday, July 4, 2011

Amateur economist spam

I, along with all of my UM economics colleagues, received the following email:


Hi University of Michigan Department of Economics,

My name is Chris and I have written a short story (attached) that has challenging ideas for our economy. The basic principle of story is that equality is the truth, and if equality is disrupted somehow, that the way back to equality is by sharing. So this is also a truth: love is to share. Therefore there is no need for systems, like a wage system, monetary system, school system, or any system. We can share all the world; our basic necessities of life, but brighter than just basic; our luxuries and commodities; our inventions and creations; our art and other hobbies. The story is a modern day twist on the writings of Plato.

This is not communism or socialism (these things are systems). There is no running government, the people will share all the world together.

There is more to the story. Please take a read or two. You can post or use this story anywhere. I am sending this information out to other schools around the world. Contact me.


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You can find the story that was attached on the webpage.

I'll confess, the whole thing rather leaves me at a loss for words, but I suppose it is at least better than emails from Nigerian bankers, relatives of former dictators and the other bits that make it through UM's email filter, if only because it provides some variety.

Addendum: Name, phone number and email deleted by request of the original sender.

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Chris Donald said...

Hi Jeff, It's Chris who sent this email back in 2011. Can you delete this post? I apologize for sending the email in the first place, and don't believe in the content anymore anyways. Sorry and thanks.