Monday, October 3, 2011

Washington 31, Utah 14

Well, how about this!  Utah was favored by 10 and loses by 17.

Washington is now 4-1 with two solid wins over Cal and Utah, as well as wins over weak Eastern Washington and Hawaii teams. The loss to Nebraska looks a little less excusable now after the Badgers wiped the floor of Camp Randall with the Huskers. They are creeping up the rankings toward the bottom of the Top 25.

The truly astounding score this weekend, though, is Wazoo defeating Colorado 31-27 in Boulder. Seems there is some life over in Pullman this year after all.

Not a good day for teams playing their first games in new leagues.

Addendum: I am informed by our local Cougar that it is "Wazzu" and not "Wazoo". I sit corrected.

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