Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ranking busyness schools

Michigan's Ross School of Business comes in 30th place in the Economist's new ranking of busyness schools.

I will say that I have been generally impressed with the faculty I have dealt with at the Ross School. They are more like faculty at the Booth School at Chicago and less like faculty at Maryland's business school (or Western Ontario's business school) than I would have expected ex ante.

My casual sense from comparing this list to others that focus on undergraduate education is that non-US institutions are better at organizing world-class business schools. I am not sure why that would be; perhaps it has to do with the ability of business schools to pay internationally competitive salaries to faculty in a way that economics departments (to take a random example) in other countries often cannot.

In regard to Canada, I am surprised that York's business school is the only one to make the top 30. Back when I was at Western Ontario, they claimed to be in the top 10 outside the US. Evidently the Economist begs to differ, or perhaps they have lost ground over time. I would have thought that the Rotman School at Toronto would make the top 30 as well.

Oh, and I should give credit where credit is due: I got the "busyness school" thing from Charlie Brown.

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