Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Washington 42, Arizona 31

I stayed up until two in the morning watching this one - it started at 7:30 PM pacific time - and was well rewarded for my troubles. The game was tense and hard-fought by both sides. Arizona is a lot better - or maybe just Nick Foles is a lot better - than you would expect for a team that just fired its head coach three weeks ago. In the end, Washington running back Chris Polk had a stellar night, and the defense played better, and Washington pulled it out. Seattle times coverage here.

Eight games into the season, Washington is 6-2 and already bowl eligible. If they continue to beat the teams they are supposed to beat and lose to the teams they are supposed to lose to, they will end the regular season 8-4, which is solidly within the support of what Don James achieved back in the modern golden age of Husky football.

This week: UW goes to Eugene to play the quackers, again at 10:30 PM eastern time.

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