Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oregon (boo, hiss) 34, Washington 17

As expected, the quacking felons defeated Washington 34-17 in the final game at Husky Stadium prior to its $250 million makeover, which begins tomorrow.

The good news: the UW defense played a lot better than it has earlier in the year. And Oregon did not win by more than 20 this time (as it has the past seven times in a row). That's all progress. The bad news: the offense was off its game a bit, with many more interceptions and sacks than usual. Still, it was much better than either the Nebraska or Stanford games, as UW was in the game well into the second half.

Excellent historical photos of Husky Stadium here; the earliest ones serve as a reminder that college football was a big deal even 90 years ago.

Next week: the University of Spoiled Children (USC) in the coliseum in LA at 3:45 Eastern on FX.

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