Monday, November 28, 2011

Unintended consequences and cultural propagation

The Toronto Star on the lingering cultural effects of the decade-long US presence in Iraq.

A particularly good bit:
Sporting baggy soldiers’ camouflage pants, high-top sneakers and a back-turned “N.Y.” baseball cap, the chubby 22-year-old was showing off his breakdancing moves on a sunny afternoon in a Baghdad park.
A $ sign was shaved into his closely cropped hair.
 “While others might stop being rappers after the Americans leave, I will go on (rapping) till I reach N.Y.,” said Mohammed, who teaches at a primary school.
His forearm bore a tattoo of dice above the words “gang star.” That was the tattooist’s mistake, he said; it was supposed to say “gangsta.”
I am really glad the Iraqis kicked us out. It will save us money and it is time for them to run their own affairs, for good or ill.

Hat tip: Yerema Gribowski

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