Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life at UC Berkeley

Building Coordinators

We have heard there will be a "JOIN THE OCCUPY OAKLAND STRIKE - UC BERKELEY WALKOUT" Wednesday, November 2, 2011. At this point we do not know how this proposed WALKOUT may be implemented but it is being advertised as a Classroom walkout at 11AM, followed by a march to Oakland, and returning to Sproul Plaza at 5PM. These actions may cause some disruptions by small groups of individuals to the everyday routine, including erroneous "fire alarm" pulls or there may be other associated activities around the campus, including potential marches through campus buildings and "sit-ins". While it is unknown where and when these actions may take place, these activities may present some unique challenges for the campus as the majority of our facilities are open to the public. Although we do not expect any malicious activities, its possible your building may be marched through or even have minor disruptions, so it is best to be a little more vigilant for those who may be roaming our halls.

For those building that have been the target of "erroneous" fire alarm pulls in the past, it may be worthwhile to have an "extra" presence in the hallways and by exits.


Please remind your building occupants of the following procedures should marchers enter your building:

If marchers enter your building, let them. Try to carry on business as usual. If the noise becomes too great, or the crowd too large, feel free to close and lock your office doors - this is a departmental decision. Do not close your buildings unless the Police advise you to.

As a reminder, in the past, some of these activities have included repeated fire alarm pulls. If a building fire alarm sounds, follow your normal procedures and evacuate the building. Do not re-enter until given the "all clear" by a Campus official. We are working with the Campus Fire Marshal's office to address these types of situations and if your facility is involved we will be contacting you.

As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact the UC Police department at XXX-XXXX or call via cell phone to XXX-XXXX.


From an informational perspective, if you observe any unusual gatherings or activities in your building/facility; if you observe any suspicious activities or if you experience actual disruptions to classrooms or administrative routines, call UCPD (911 or Cell phone XXX-XXXX) and we will provide the appropriate support.

We will be utilizing the BC email as a conduit for campus-wide specific information we need to disseminate, so please check your email regularly.

Thank you,

Office of Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security Sproul Hall, Rm. 17 Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone:(510) XXX-XXXX
Fax: (510) XXX-XXXX
URL: oep.berkeley.edu

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