Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Movie: A-Team

We went for a summer action fluff bonus round last night and saw the A-Team at the Quality Cinemas, the lesser, at least in terms of physical plant, of Ann Arbor's two multiplexes.

At some level all you need to know about the movie is that the only line I remember is the Mr. T analogue saying "You can't fly a tank, fool."

Another good summary is the final paragraph of the NYT review:
From the repetitive looks of it, Mr. Carnahan enjoys blowing stuff up almost as much as he enjoys letting you know how much he enjoys blowing stuff up: as he has in movies like “Smokin’ Aces,” he indulges in screen mayhem with the usual overcutting and increasingly preposterous set pieces. He’s very serious about his own action chops, and in that regard alone he betrays the original show. His estimable support team here includes, among others, the action wizards Tony and Ridley Scott, six producers, various assistant directors, more than a half-dozen special-effects outfits and numerous stunt performers, all of whose efforts pale next to that special effect known as Mr. T and George Peppard in a lizard suit.
The movie indeed does not quite get the humor right from the original show and I was left, as I sort of expected I would be, missing George Peppard.

Still, we liked it marginally better than Knight and Day so it is recommended if you are in the mood for a bit of mindless silliness.

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