Monday, July 12, 2010

Movie: Knight and Day

We saw Knight and Day last night at the Rave 20 in Ann Arbor. Tom is Tom, and Cameron is Cameron, and the whole thing is very silly, but we still liked it better than the grumpy NYT reviewer. The reviewer is right about the green screen bits - they were remarkably obvious for a movie that cost as much to make as this one presumably did.

The Rave 20 used to be the Showcase, but changed hands. The Ravers have started to reorganize it a bit; in particular, they are saving one staff person by moving the ticket taking in front of the refreshment counter. This means that (to pick a not irrelevant example) you cannot have one person in a couple by the tickets while the other gets the popcorn, something that is on occasion useful if you arrive only a minute or two before the movie starts.

Recommended if you like Tom or are in the mood for pure summer fluff.

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