Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book: Up Till Now

I finished William Shatner's autobiography a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Don't expect anything very deep. Even the parts where his second wife dies in their pool and where he learns that many of the minor players on the original Star Trek intensely dislike him do not occasion much reflection.

But there are lots of great stories about his experiences in the entertainment industry. There is less about Star Trek than you might expect and relatively more about the early days and about Boston Legal.

In addition to the stories, I felt like I learned more about what it is like to be a struggling actor working on anything and everything that comes along. Shatner does not really get secure financially until after the Star Trek movies come along; before that, he does all kinds of crazy jobs, including a movie spoken entirely in Esperanto.

Oh, and since it is mentioned about every 25 pages in the book, here is Shatner's website where you can buy yet more things about Shatner.

Recommended for Trekkies

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