Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 5 on FOX and MSNBC

The Top 5 FOX News Headlines as Re-Interpreted by MSNBC

FOX: New Study Reveals Media Bias
MSNBC: New Study Biased, Media Reveals

FOX: Heat Wave Hits Midwest
MSNBC: Global Warming! Climate Change! Run for Your Lives!!

FOX: Brave US Air Captain Saves Hundreds With Daring River Landing
MSNBC: Hidden Camera Report: Are Airlines Polluting Our Rivers???

FOX: Obama Exposes Self to Intern
MSNBC: President Unveils New Stimulus Package in Oval Office

FOX: Obama Delivers State of the Union Address
MSNBC: Keith Olbermann Tingles All Over, Weeps, Is Healed of Cancer as Obama Speaks

From topfive.com.