Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And MSNBC headlines as reinterpreted by FOX

5> MSNBC: George Stephanopoulos and Barney Frank Speak at
Democratic Fundraiser

FOX: Dems Caught Using Midget, Homosexual in Moneymaking

4> MSNBC: Gov. Sanford Admits Affair with Argentinean

FOX: Gov. Sanford Brings International Affairs Expertise
to Presidential Race

3> MSNBC: President Swats Fly During Interview

FOX: Obama Savagely Murders Innocent Passerby

2> MSNBC: Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Levels Hollywood

FOX: Existence of God Proven!

and's Number 1 MSNBC
Headline as Re-Interpreted by FOX News...

1> MSNBC: First Lady Takes Public Bus to Area Mall

FOX: Michelle Obama Uses Taxpayer-Funded 40-Passenger
Vehicle for Private Shopping Boondoggle