Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama looks out for Brazil at the G-8 meetings

Much ado about this photo, which seems to show Obama engaging in a visual examination of selected aspects of the topography of a female delegate from Brazil at the G-8 meeting.

There is also a video you can watch. ABC News claims it shows that Obama was not doing anything amiss. I would disagree, but it does clearly show that Sarkozy was behaving much worse - though surely he gets some sort of handicap on his score for being French.

First thought: one wonders if this was a calculated move to make Obama seem like more of a regular guy and perhaps gin up some support among the bubba voters.

Second thought: think about how much someone must want power in order to put up with having their every move recorded and posted on youtube.

Third thought: does the fact that it is "news" make watching the video multiple times not politically incorrect?

Fourth thought: do we have this video and photo only because the news crews had their eyes focused on the same thing as Obama and Sarkozy?