Sunday, February 10, 2013

UM grad student on Steve Landsburg's blog

Steve Landsburg describes UM grad student Susan Godlonton's job market paper on his blog.

I will confess that I must have had my "economics blinders" on, because I was quite surprised at the results. But they are sound and I give Susan a lot of credit for pushing on this line of research.

I should note that I do not blog about Michigan flyouts because many of my colleagues hold the erroneous belief that we somehow benefit from trying (and largely failing) to keep them a secret.

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Mr. Ed. said...

didn't read the paper, but landsburg's blog post first talks about testing, but then says people get three days of training. dunno about about my economics blinders, and dunno about the type of training, but if the training is useful in the job people get offered, wouldn't they increase their effort when participating in that training, everything else equal?