Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sports writer discovers Bayes Rule. Film at 11.

A fine rant about doping in pro sports from Bill Simmons at Grantland.

I only disagree one bit, which is that, in my view, the president (of the US, one assumes) should not be involved. He has other things to do. He is not our dad or our boss, contrary to the views of noted constitutional scholar Chris Rock. He is just a manager, with certain assigned duties, and running pro sports leagues is not among them.

Also, I have no particular views about doping per se. I just think that we should make some rules and then enforce them, in preference to the current regime of rampant hypocricy. I have no really strong opinion about whether the best rules are no rules or some rules or an absolute insistence that on mimicing the biomedical environment of 1930. Whatever. But get rid of all the lying.

Hat tip on the article and the title: Dan Black

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Jason Kerwin said...

It's hard to tell if Fox News is being serious when they compare Rock's statement at Obama's press conference to a bit from his Grammy-winning 1999 comedy album, "Bigger and Blacker". A textbook example of Poe's Law.