Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Ads

Can there be any question but that the first Go Daddy ad was the winner?

Biggest losers: the Dodge Ram ad featuring the late populist radio announcer Paul Harvey and his sickly sweet peaen to farmers. I assumed until the very last minute that it would an ad for some agri-business welfare queen like ADM rather than for trucks. And the Budweiser "black crown" ads. It does not actually matter how many black-clad pretty people you you trot out; Bud will just never be cool.

I also liked the Gangnam pistachio ad and the Taco Bell party seniors.

The whole list, with videos, here.

Addendum: some interesting background on "The Kiss" from the Daily Mail.65 takes!

Hat tip on the addendum: Charlie Brown


Alphonso Corneliud said...

You have strange tastes, Jeff. The Go Daddy ad? That was disgusting. The Farmer ad? Very effective, and highly ranked on most lists I've seen.

Once again, you out yourself as social progressive elite out of touch with most Americans.

econjeff said...

I think the previous commenter misses my points. Both the red team and the blue team like this sort of mawkish sentimentality. The red team applies it to farmers and soldiers, and the blue team applies it to organizers of labor cartels and poor people. In neither case does sentiment make a better basis for policy than cold, hard reality. In terms of art, the Paul Harvey piece is about as subtle as a video of 1000 kittens.

Emilia Tjernström said...

Re: 65 takes - I'm guessing somebody had an incentive to perform suboptimally in order to extend the process ;)