Monday, September 19, 2011

Too many redheads in Denmark

The Daily Mail (always on top of stories like this) reports on the decision of Cryos, a large Danish sperm bank, to turn away redheaded donors:
There are too many redheads in relation to demand,' [sperm bank director] Mr Schou told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet. 'I do not think you chose a redhead, unless the partner - for example, the sterile male - has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads.
'And that's perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case.'
As for me, I like redheads so much that I married one.

Hat tip: Charlie Brown (and not, perhaps surprisingly, Lars Skipper!)

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Maggie McNeill said...

Redheads are definitely a yin-yang thing; guys whole like them really like them (for example, a man who wants a redheaded escort usually won't settle for a blonde or brunette), but I don't think I've ever met a woman who specifically finds them attractive more than other men.