Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31

Wow ... the Husky game was lively and exciting. The Michigan game, at least the last few minutes, was simply wild, and well worth staying up for. It is hard to say that Michigan outplayed ND, because they really didn't, other than some flashes here and there, but as with the Huskies, 2-0 is hard to argue with. And, unlike Washington, Michigan has an easy one scheduled for Week 3. coverage here, with a very pretty picture of the Big House at night. Whining from the South Bend Tribue here. I agree with the South Benders (?) that 10 turnovers in two games is problematic indeed.

Hat tip on the whining from South Bend: Joel Slemrod, the first UM economics department chair to get a hat tip, and after only two months in office.

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