Sunday, June 26, 2011

Play: Next Fall at Performance Network

We saw this excellent play on Friday night.

The reviews from and the Detroit Free Press give the substance. I am closer to the review in my overall view. This is one of the better productions we have seen at Performance Network over the past six years.

I do disagree with the reviewer on one point, and that is the wisdom of casting John Seibert, consistently one of the best actors in the PN pool, as the father. I thought he was perfect for the role and, indeed, that he gave the strongest performance in the show. But I also interpreted his character a bit differently than the two reviewers, both of whom seem to assume that he was clueless about what his son was up to. I read the father's history and dialogue in the play as indicating that he know, didn't approve, but loved his son too much to want to have it out about it.

The other actors are also very strong, particularly Andrew Huff as Adam and Barbara Coven as Arlene.


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