Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie: Tree of Life

One could say many things about The Tree of Life, such as:

Luscious music throughout
Fine performance by Brad Pitt
In dire need of an editor
The "movie within the movie" about a 50s family in Waco is really good
Does God really look like a lava lamp?

Or one could heap praise and free passes on it, like A.O. Scott does at the NYT. Trust, in this case, the things he says about the movie within the movie. We disagree on the pretentious and somewhat incoherent shell of manufactured depth that surrounds it.

Or one could heap derision on it, like this commenter at the NYT:
If you are thinking of seeing this movie, stay home and watch 2-1/2 hours of NatGeo instead. During commercials, flip thru images of your childhood in old photo albums while whispering such deep questions as "Why do we drive?" and "What is a sandwich?" out loud. For variety, browse online images of Sean Penn until you find one of him at his most constipated looking, and stare at it while shoving large splinters under your fingernails. When it's over, take a shower and self-waterboard while banging your head repeatedly against the tiles.
It is all these things really, and to some extent of interest precisely because of that.

Sorta recommended, in part because it is, as A.O. Scott highlights, just different.

Addendum: Turns out that Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are not the same person.

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