Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lusty Lady

Seattle's Lusty Lady peep show is closing, and I never got around to buying one of their "Have an Erotic Day" t-shirts.

Interesting political bit from the story:
"We're amazingly different," Davis said. "There used to be this idea that 'those kinds of women' weren't dependable or reliable, all these assumptions about people who take off their clothes and dance for a living. And we're women-managed. I've been shocked to hear women say they've felt safer working at the Lusty Lady than in a law office and I'm like 'what?!' Like the RCA dog with my head cocked: I just couldn't believe the stories of sexual harassment."
There's a remarkably fond story in the Seattle Times as well, which includes the tale of a man with 12 oranges that you should read for yourself, along with some more double entendres.

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