Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movie: Ghost Writer

We saw Ghost Writer on Thursday night at the State Theater.

The NYT review is a bit more positive than I would be. I found the whole vast-CIA-Blair conspiracy business a bit silly and the link to current politics distracting. A less paranoid political narrative and a more realistically competent CIA would have improved the movie.

Still the acting and cinematography are fantastic and it is almost worth it just to see the amazing house around which much of the action centers.


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Scott said...

According to IMDB the scenes in the house were filmed entirely on a sound stage.

Seemed to me that the CIA was pretty darned competent. Apparently, in 1971, they were able to predict who would manage to become Prime Minister in 2001, or just pick someone out and make it happen.

Why, in 1971, they would have thought it was worth the effort and risk puzzles me.