Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl

Dan Drezner says most of what I wanted to say about the commercials in his post. They were remarkably disappointing. He fails to mention the whole portfolio of stupid Doritos commercials. We agree on Coke and Simpsons - that was probably my favorite of the evening. And we agree about the self-criticizing Audi commercial, which appeared to say that you should buy an Audi because it is green and you want to please the greens because they are fascists. A winning formula? I am guessing not.

I laughed hardest at what I think was a local commercial for Metro PCS featuring the two Indian (as in from India) guys doing a "tech talk" show and, for reasons unclear, a German man dressied in Lederhosen providing a dunce cap to the caller trapped in a bad cell phone contract.

I would be a bit less hard on the Who than Drezner. Their voices have not held up so well with age but man can they still play and, as with William Shatner, they get points for so obviously having a good time.

Oh, and there was a football game too, and New Orleans won. Good for Drew Brees, who has gotten a lot better since his Purdue team lost to Washington in the 2001 Rose Bowl.

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Scott said...

The Chad and Ranjit ads run in Pasadena.

(Good way to weasel in the last good Husky team references! You should have brought up Mark Brunnel playing for the Saints, too.)