Thursday, February 25, 2010

IHS Summer Seminars

This post is intended for the undergraduates who read my blog.

The Institute for Humane Studies offers summer seminars on classical liberal (e.g. John Locke, Adam Smith - think moderate libertarian in current parlance) ideas. I attended one of these back in my college days and really enjoyed it (and not only because of Joy, the libertarian journalist I met). The seminar provided pretty much non-stop discussion about ideas among the students and the faculty with debates on topics - e.g. minarchist versus anarchist, isolationist versus interventionist in foreign policy - that one does not get a chance to participate in every day.

You do not have to be a classical liberal sort of person to attend, but you should be open minded and interested in learning about a different view.



Unknown said...

Are there any other summer seminars for 2010 that cover similar topics but are free as well?

Thanks a lot!

econjeff said...

The CATO Institute runs summer seminars along these lines as well. I am not sure how much they cost.