Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A sad day in Denmark

Truly sad news from Denmark, as the world's oldest porn shop is set to close, brought down not by internet porn but by some combination of increased bicycle use and the recession.

Key bits:
According to the shop owner, it’s the effect of the recession, increasing shop rents and bicycle lanes that have influenced the company’s financial downturn the most.

‘Customers can’t park anywhere since they built bike lanes everywhere and the effects of the recession can really be felt. You can’t skimp on milk and bread, but you can save on porn during times of crisis,’ he said.

Strauss has suggested that the National Museum might be interested in preserving part of the store, similar to when a display was created using a hash stand from Christiania.

‘They could easily display a couple of film booths. It’s an important part of Danish history that otherwise will end up in the rubbish bin.’

Perhaps they could apply to become some sort of UN World Heritage site?

Oh, and there really is a hash stand in the National Museum of Denmark - I've seen it with my own eyes. Christiania is a sort of semi-autonomous zone / 60s theme park in Copenhagen.

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