Friday, January 15, 2010

A new era at ECONJEFF

The blog now has its first comment!

Can you find it?

Will you be next?


Austin Kelly said...

In the previous millennium whan I had an office at NORC I always had on my office door a set of tables from Andrew Greeley, showing Jews as ranking #1 on many socioeconomic dimensions, and Irish Catholics ranking #2. Below it I had written "We're #2, but, like Avis, we try harder."

Let me tell you how honored I am to be the second commenter on Econjeff.

Justin said...


Millsy said...

First is the worst. Second is the best.

Third is, of course, the one with the hairy chest. Any takers?

Millsy said...

FOILED! ECONJEFF, you waited to moderate that until it was 3rd on this list didn't you!?! Touche.

On another note, I enjoy the blog.