Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teresa Sullivan fired as president of the University of Virginia

Academia is all aflutter about this, particularly academia in Charlottesville, Virginia and in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where Sullivan used to be the provost at Michigan. provides some background.

Virginia faculty member Daniel Willingham assigns grades to the "board of visitors", Virginia's version of a board of regents, who actually did the firing.

And Duke sociologist Kieran Healy does some mighty fine mocking.

And a surprising update from the interim president.

The puzzle to me is why the board of visitors acted so ... cavalierly.  One would think that a cabal of rich business types would not act without their lawyers and public relations people on side, and they clearly did not include them in their discussions about firing Terry Sullivan.

Hat tips to some Virginia faculty, to Dan Black and, for the pun and more, to Charlie Brown.

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