Thursday, May 10, 2012


A fine graphic summary from Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

Liberalism (in the classical sense) was properly cosmopolitan and thus not very patriotic. Socialism, back when it was serious, was internationalist, and recognized that nationalism (and its public relations arm, patriotism) were tools used to distract the citizenry from what the politicians and their friends were doing with their tax dollars (and their sons).

I love Americans in all their cussed individualism - I am one after all - and I love the ideals that motivated the founding fathers of the United States. But when the country leaves the ideals (as it so often does), I stick with the ideals.

I do worry, though, that a country that unilaterally disarms by turning off the nationalism is likely to be overrun. In that sense, it may be a necessary, but hopefully transitory, evil, like using oil and coal for energy.

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