Saturday, May 26, 2012

Joel Slemrod wins the Daniel M. Holland medal

Though you would not know it from the website of the National Tax Association, I have it on very good authority that my colleague and chair Joel Slemrod has been awarded the 2012 Daniel Holland medal, which honors lifetime achievement in public finance.

As described by my esteemed public finance colleague Jim Hines:
The Daniel M. Holland Medal has been awarded annually since 1993 for "outstanding contributions to the study and practice of public finance."  It is really a great honor, reflecting lifetime achievement in public finance.  Past winners include Richard Musgrave, Martin Feldstein, Harvey Rosen, Alan Auerbach, and some others - such as Arnold Harberger - who were not former Harvard students but who nonetheless had distinguished careers.
Jim has a sort of crush on Harvard, but we like him anyway.

And, more importantly, and more on point, hearty congratulations to Joel for this well deserved honor.

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