Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our modern government ...

... helping to not only slow but actually reverse technological progress.

From the American Economic Association email to members today:
Job Openings for Economists has been published only electronically for the past decade. Starting with the August 2011 issue, the Association resumes publishing JOE in print format, in order to ensure compliance with Department of Labor regulations for obtaining work visas for non-citizen economists. Print issues will be distributed via the U.S. Postal System two to three weeks after they are published electronically. Annual subscriptions will run from August through the following June of each year, and are $50 each. To subscribe go to Single issues are available for $45 each.
My AEA dues at waste. Thanks DOL. And it's not very green either.

Addendum: Alex at Marginal Revolution had the same reaction, about 20 minutes later.

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