Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ann Arbor parody news site

I have added "News of Ann Arbor" to the blogroll at the right. It is a parody news site.

This post, quoted in its entirety, gives the flavor (and is right on target):
Impasse at 4-way stop snarls rush-hour traffic

The drivers of four vehicles, each insisting that the others go first at the four-way stop at Catherine and Fourth, caused massive traffic backups throughout Ann Arbor during this afternoon's rush hour.

Witnesses said all four vehicles -- one Prius, one SUV, one BMW and one SmartCar -- approached the intersection simultaneously, coasting at about 2 miles per hour. When they stopped, each driver waved the others ahead, but none moved.

After about five minutes, two of the drivers started, but then stopped immediately when they noticed the other car moving. Complicating the situation was a growing crowd of pedestrians, some trying hesitantly to cross the street, others staring at the growing spectacle.

For approximately two hours, the drivers and pedestrians alternated between waving each other on, stopping and starting, and stewing in their own indignation. The debacle only ended after police officers brought the four drivers out of their vehicles into the middle of the intersection for a meeting that lasted 45 minutes. Witnesses reported that the group apparently took several votes -- each tied 2-2 -- before coming to an agreement.

It took several hours to clear the traffic, which had backed up to M-14 and U.S. 23. The police officer responding to the incident said none of the drivers would be charged with any crime, provided that they leave the scene immediately.

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